Would you’d like to clear the barriers that prevent you experiencing ease and flow in your life on a consistent basis?

Do you tend to “try” to control things (either covertly or overtly) and end up getting in your own or others way?

Or maybe without realising you live out the “Martyr Role” or “Victim Role” ?

Sometimes these limited emotive character traits have been there for a long-time and they’ve become a default pattern that are a subtle, consistent undercurrent that plays out in relationships or situations in your life that make it harder than it needs to be.

This may mean you fall prey to floundering upstream unnecessarily rather than swimming with the “Tide of Life” as the norm.

This self-sabotage behaviour may not be obvious when situations are going your way.  However, the key to avoiding this happening is to reside in your “Empowered Zone” no matter the challenge, so this dysfunctional cycle of not “Being” what you need to “Be” in the situation perpetuates and  prevents you from mastering “Optimum Intuitive Flow”.

Once you’re aware of these self-defeating “Victim” or “Martyr” emotive undercurrents and their consequences, you’re better able to address them.

A healthy empowered state is embodied which translates into you being centred and more in touch with your gut feelings and is complemented by experiencing greater trust in your instincts, and acting on them for an easier ride.

When you develop your Intuitive Nature consistently, you’re better equipped to function in your “Empowered Zone” for intuition to kick-in so powerful outcomes are realised and enjoyed.

Here’s 6 tips you can do to build Your Optimum Intuitive Flow –

1. Meditate Regularly – this instils a profound congruency with your conscious and unconscious mind that brings forth a centred state so you’re better able to be aware of your intuition.  Practicing meditation regularly can increase your intuitive abilities, building them over time.

It’s good to be mindful of the quality and type of meditations you expose your mind to.  You may like to check out the Emotions Empowerment Meditation & Ambient Music Bundle click here  

2. Creativity – Participate in arts or crafts for example, drawing, painting, dancing, photography, etc.  It’s not so important to be gifted at what you choose – it’s more about Being present and allowing for the joy of doing what you’re doing to flow without the left side of your brain being in top gear.

Or you may like to immerse yourself into artistic pursuits such as theatre for example.  The goal is to expose yourself regularly to creative endeavours that’ll activate your right brain consistently and build your “Intuitive Muscle.”

3. Listen, Hear & Take Action – Be attentive to paying attention to what your gut is telling you – it’s often thwarted because you’re so busy being busy or in a rush.  When you’re centred and present, you’re able to “listen to” your intuitive nature and then more likely to “hear” what it’s saying.  

Then once you’ve “listened” and “heard”, the next crucial step is to take action.  This means you’re actually validating your sub-conscious and unconscious mind so their presence grows and becomes stronger as part of your everyday functioning.

Always remember in certain circumstances you’ll need to be responsible in following through with your due diligence regarding what you receive.  And then take action where appropriate with what your intuition says.  Doing these three steps increases your intuitive power.

4. Communicate with your Intuition – It’s important you acknowledge it exists and that it’s an integral part of your brain-mind-body connection.  You need to appreciate and interact with it like any significant relationship and therefore build greater trust with Hearing, Listening and taking Action with what it says.

The key is to build rapport and get in sync with your Intuitive Nature. Ask specific questions and see what you discover from Hearing, Listening and Acting on your intuition.  Begin two-way conversations with the intention of establishing a healthy interaction with your intuition.

5. Reflection – Think about when you’ve had a gut feeling – what was the outcome of that?  Did you take notice or dismiss it?   What was the consequence either way?

Have you got examples of Listening, Hearing, and taking Action, and it’s turned-out correct?  Or conversely, you’ve not acted on it and you’ve regretted it?  When you’ve real life examples this helps you to be more willing to utilise and trust your intuition.

It’s a good idea to record those examples in your journal as they arise so you’ve got evidence of what happens when you honour your intuition and when you don’t.  You can see where to fine-tune your ability to attain Optimum Intuitive Flow.

6. Journaling – This is a helpful consistent process that removes a lot of the rhetoric, over thinking, self-talk and negative dialogue including any unconscious bias to be purged, challenged and dealt with.  This cleans out your bio-energy system so you’re holistically available to utilise your Intuitive Power to come to the fore.

When you’d like to accelerate your transformation process, I recommend you utilise the potent ability of the Intuition Mastery Essence. This is an effective DIY Wellness Tool that’ll assist you to discover what being “present” and “engaged” means and what it feels and looks like by working with your Bio-Energy System. 


When you’re in need of deeper facilitation and keen to accelerate and build momentum by continuing to upgrade to new levels, the Activation Kit Self Sabotage to Intuitive Mastery would be an excellent tool for you.

These life giving formulas are 100% natural and full of organic ingredients that are finely tuned and synergistically blended to facilitate you and elevate your awareness.  

When you reap the many benefits of this DIY multifaceted approach, you’ll be well positioned to effectively address the core undercurrents that distract or sabotage you from owning and living out your goals and vision.

You’ll embody a tangible internal affirmative shift around addressing what you’re unsure of (eg, lack of clarity, self-doubt, fear or trepidation) and especially what causes you to get stuck or sidetracked. You can be comfortable with being uncomfortable out of your “comfort zone” so you no longer get in your own way.

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