Is it time for you to be self-assured in your ability to achieve your desired goals?

Do you fall prey to giving up or getting side-tracked and not acting on your inspirations and aspirations?

Are you challenged by not living or following your life’s direction?

OR…Are you unclear about what that actually is?

This may relate to your career or any life area that you’re keen to come to fruition.

The level of your emotional intelligence plays a huge role in whether you consistently function at your optimum and when it’s not, can definitely hinder you being proactive in your pursuit towards your goals.

Emotional blockages can form a “Fixed Mindset” rather than a “Growth Mindset” within your neural network, due to your brain having to accommodate them. This ultimately dilutes your brain’s effectiveness and can negatively impact your ability to live out what you aspire to.

Internal fears and limited perspectives can be held on to and cause your brain to rewire these as beliefs ie, you begin to believe these limitations as truth.

Yep, this’s often what blocks you in advancing toward the direction you truly want.

Of course, being too emotionally focused is also unproductive. However, when you manage your feelings and emotions in an empowered healthy way that’s a different story, you’re then well positioned to be in an empowered state to allow for:

  • Curiosity
  • Congruency
  • Consistency
  • Confidence

to prevail so your life’s direction progresses exponentially.

Here’s 5 tips that can assist you to build greater Certainty –  

1. Discern wisely when it’s correct to say “no” as well as “yes” and then trust and abide by it.  

2. Challenge your beliefs!  Do they support a growth or fixed mindset?  

3. Drill down and set your micro goals that complement your macro (ie visionary) goals and focus on fulfilling those micro goals consistently every day.  

4. Introduce mindfulness techniques daily to develop your attention to be “present-focused” rather than “past-focused” on a daily basis.  

5. Establish and nurture strategies in all facets of your life to experience the 6 fundamental needs which are – 

  • Love 
  • Connection 
  • Variety 
  • Significance 
  • Growth  
  • Contribution  

for your personal holistic certainty to prevail. 

When you’d like to accelerate your transformation process regarding these issues, I recommend you utilise the potent ability of the Certainty Mastery Essence.

This is an effective DIY Wellness Tool that’ll assist you to clear blocks around upgrading your outlook and what you’ve always thought and done into an expanded perspective for greater meaning and fulfillment to prevail organically in your every day by aligning your Bio-Energy System. 

This formula is full of life giving natural organic ingredients that are all finely tuned and synergistically blended to elevate your awareness. As you explore the relevant attributes needed you’ll become aware of what’s holding you back from letting go of conscious or unconscious self-imposed limitations. This builds resilience, and you’re better equipped to delve deeper into accessing and clearing what’s hindering you.


When you’re in need of unwavering follow through, and you’re keen to accelerate by building momentum, the Activation Kit Doubt to Certainty and Direction would be an excellent tool for you.

By reaping the many benefits of this DIY multifaceted approach using the Doubt to Certainty and Direction Kit, you’ll be well positioned to effectively address the core undercurrents that are prone to stifling your innate expansive and unlimited disposition.

You’ll embody a tangible internal affirmative shift around addressing what you’re unsure of (eg, lack of clarity, self-doubt, fear or trepidation) and especially what causes you to get stuck or sidetracked.

This insightful process acts as a catalyst to strengthen a self-assured emotive-state where you’re comfortable with being uncomfortable out of your “comfort zone” and you’re equipped to address your emotions and feelings effectively, so the cycle of non-action resolves and you no longer get in your own way.

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