The formulas’ profound effectiveness is due to the multi-faceted approach it delivers. They have a holistic methodology which incorporates the whole person’s sensory experience and psycho-physical make-up which includes their living energy matrix.

When each unique aroma’s specific formula is in inhaled, it reaches the brain’s Limbic System. This is where your unique emotional memory is stored and this is part of your nervous system which is directly connected to your chakras, energy bodies and magnetic field.

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The aromatic essence mist’s droplets are made up of natural finely-tuned energetic signatures which create a high frequency that immerses and integrates with your body’s Magnetic Field (ie aura). This energy matrix consists of meridians, chakras and energy bodies that connect to your organs, nervous system and brain and neural pathways. The energetic signatures work in harmony with your living matrix. This is your very own infinite sensory receptor communication network. When you are balanced, connected and linked-up correctly (ie minimal blockages) you are aligned more succinctly to your higher mind and ultimately the Universal Mind which makes the necessary shift to access a clear flow for transformation to occur. This transmission can result in optimum holistic function which results in an elevated level of awareness. This powerful unconscious process opens the way for whatever hinders you to be cleared while also attaining profound insight and to experience a greater sense of well being wherever you are personally.

Profound psycho-physical shifts can occur for up to 8 metres in radius and continue to 8-12 hours (depending on which Mastery Essence you are using) with each application. When used as directed transformation is maintained and achieved all day everyday over a number of weeks (until bottle is empty) elevating you to a new level.

Blocked, stuck, heavy energy is unravelled, broken down and cleansed away and a new energy matrix infrastructure is formed, leaving you feeling lighter and clearer for permanent results.

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Demonstrates how a person’s magnetic field responds and transforms after one application

When you use the AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essence Energy Block Clearing Sprays,
you unlock your innate power to live your full potential