Uncover and exude your elusive magnetic “X Factor” that’s often hidden or suppressed due to being swamped with daily challenges, expectations and responsibilities.

For real lasting results within your psycho-physical make-up and general wellbeing it’s essential that you understand and appreciate you’re more than just a physical body; you need to access and take care of the “WHOLE YOU”.

Quantum Science recognizes we’re made up of a complex matrix of various energy frequencies not just physical matter and when your bio energy system/electromagnetic fields have stagnation, blockages or are out of balance, they can have a huge impact on how you behave and the quality of your attitude and perception of life’s challenges.  They’ll also affect how you look and feel and how proactive you’re with self-care and how well you interact and respond in relationships, with your career, communication and your prosperity mindset.

Australian Aromatic Essences (AAE) are the latest 21st Century development and complement whatever you do for your wellbeing, personal growth or beauty regime. They’re effective, easy to use tools that SMELL DIVINE!

They’re more than an exquisite aroma; They’re a power packed synergy of nature’s life giving ingredients; Free from chemicals & 100% pure and natural.



AAE provides simple yet powerful solutions that precisely accommodate what you uniquely need to consistently project a confident balanced disposition no matter what challenges you’re facing!

This “one minute a day” habit looks after the ‘WHOLE YOU’ and because each application lasts for 8-12 hours (depending on which mastery essence you’re using) when used as suggested provides 24/7 facilitation for tangible results.



It’s unrealistic to expect that you can live at your optimum without actually tidying up, cleaning out and recalibrating your personal bio energy system

You use shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste as part of your daily routine. However, it’s also important to acknowledge your finely-tuned living energy matrix also needs access to “effective” tools to maintain  holistic vibrant health.

Each facet of your bio-energy system overlaps, connects and ripples into the other.  Therefore by ensuring you positively influence each level of your holistic nature such as your emotions, feelings, brain (including nervous system) and mind (ie your beliefs and thoughts) together with your inner spirit you’ll gently and powerfully shift your disposition dynamically for the better.

A good analogy is when you shower and clean your physical body you now use your “Priority Mastery Essence(s)” to clear, restore and transform your energy body.

Your specifically chosen Mastery Essence(s) can then facilitate in a way that‘s pertinent to your unique needs. They work in synergy with you.  Your energy body intelligence actually makes the shifts necessary from the energetic signatures the Mastery Essence mist contains.  These act as a  catalyst for your energy body intelligence to make the relevant changes because it knows what’s right for you because it’s part of you.  Quantum Science refers to this level of consciousness as your higher mind.  The mastery essence mirrors the blockage or imbalance to your bio-energy system and it responds appropriately!

This’s often the MISSING-LINK that’s forgotten about and why you don’t experience the results you’re after with your personal development. You end up struggling to stay on track and attain the holistic outcomes you aspire to.

Click here to view the clearing and shifts that take place to your Energy Body Intelligence when using your Mastery Essences.

Each Mastery Essence comes with a specially designed body-soul affirmation, intention phrase and key words that are additional tools to enhance your focus and intent when using these DIY Transformational Tools.



A simple way to access your bottom line core block is to scan the Mastery Essences (refer to PRODUCTS on top main menu bar) ; just centre yourself and take a couple of deep calming breathcsyour sub-conscious will be drawn to the symbol, colour, name or intention phrase. Or access the free online reading here. Use your ideal “Priority Mastery Essence” as suggested for 24/7 transformation.

Suggested Use:

Shake bottle and spray 2 – 3 times at arms’ length above your head; inhale and immerse your whole “Being” in the mist’s exquisite aroma. Transformation commences immediately and continues after each application for up to 8 – 12 hours for optimum results.

You can finally get on track and move in the right direction. No more roller coaster rides or wasting valuable  time processing and processing some more with little gain.

Use your Priority Mastery Essence to support you to create the life you desire and deserve!

Avoid applying direct to skin, contact with eyes and when pregnant. Do not use if you are allergic to pure essential oils. Not to be taken orally. Keep out of reach of children. Disclaimer: Formulations do not diagnose, treat or cure disease and are not substitute for medical treatment.