Holistic Benefits

Enjoy continuous clearing, transformation and support anytime all day every day.  Australian Aromatic Essences (AAE) can accelerate, enhance and complement whatever you’re doing for your wellness journey.

They’re the bridge which marries together the many facets of your wellness regime so you’re able to harness the power of your mind-body connection.

Often you’ll focus on your fitness, your diet, personal growth and beauty routine and for many the spiritual side of their nature however the key to optimum sustained results and to reap the full benefit of each of these important areas that make up the whole you is to blend them in synergy so they bond in unison with each other.

The Australian Aromatic Essences are “The Missing Link”, the glue that aligns and harmonises all these aspects within you.

You’ll be working with the limbic system of the brain to assist with triggering the emotive blockages locked into the neural pathways combined with accessing your personal electromagnetic field where your higher mind resides. This important holistic approach refines and clears the bio-energetic system.

Of course you maybe skilled at doing this without the AAE  however for many people they need extra help because their patterning and behaviours are entrenched. Plus in today’s world we want to simplify and accelerate our results.

Using the Mastery Essences(s) will enable you to facilitate yourself for up to 12 hours with each application and when used as suggested you’ll receive 24/7 facilitation.  For coaches/ therapists and aligned professions they help to assist your valued client community with their personal growth journey so they can cut through their limitations more efficiently.

As you use the Mastery Essences your bio-energy system is able to resonate at a higher frequency which translates into greater awareness where you’re able to break through blockages or any unhealthy psycho-physical resistances. This practice supports and enhances other wellness regimes you may be doing and facilitates the integration for lasting change.

Certain specialised therapies can address “issues” however there’s always more “levels”  that come up so by utilising these tools as a preventative measure or during and after the work ensures you continue elevating to the next level.  They’ll also enhance whatever transformational work you’re doing.

Once the mind accesses a new perspective and you remain in this new paradigm things can change permanently. The Mastery Essences are formulated to assist you with clearing away what is blocking that renewed awareness and to facilitate a higher vibration to infiltrate within a person’s electromagnetic field.

The Mastery Essences do not advocate a superficial quick fix that doesn’t last. They’re formulated to break-through the entrenched patterning that so many of us seem to have no matter how much we “try” to change certain patterns that adversely affect our life. When the essences are used as suggested they facilitate you 24/7 and add to whatever other wellness work you’re doing.

The Mastery Essences can also help with the focus and discipline necessary to make change and this opens way for you to follow through with the goals you want which further creates a “snow ball” effect….hence better results!

These empowering DIY self-care personal growth tools are convenient, enjoyable, versatile and easy to use for all ages and gender at anytime and anywhere. They are also wonderful gift idea for the special people in your life too.

The old way of processing, processing and more processing with little gain in redundant when you work with these amazing essences.

They have been specially developed and designed to act as a catalyst as they work in total alignment with your unique neural pathways and Bio Energy System (which is sometimes referred to as your quantum magnetic field), which encompasses your expansive higher mind.

Your own innate knowing and core inner essence facilitates itself, as it works in harmony with the chosen aromatic essence.

The Mastery Essence spray’s droplets are made-up of a multitude of energetic signatures and act as a catalyst and mirror.

As they immerses into your energy field you align and support your development in a way that is specific and relevant to you.

Click here to view the clearing and shifts that take place to your Energy Body Intelligence when using your Mastery Essences

Wellbeing, Personal Development and Beauty Professions & Allied Fields can… 

Also embrace the Australian Aromatic Essences ability to complement, enhance and ADD VALUE to their services for their clients. The business opportunity options also provide an attractive RESIDUAL INCOME stream. Learn more

Their quantum transformational technology has been specifically developed and made available at this time for the purpose of supporting you to transition from the old paradigm of ‘getting in your own way’ and to elevate beyond issues that adversely affect living your full potential.

These holistic pure and natural formulas can assist you to grow and expand towards creating a more conscious, empowered and balanced you. Enjoy immersing your senses and inhaling their exquisite high frequency aromas to bring insight, purpose, awareness and a consistent sense of wellbeing .

No matter where you are on your life’s journey, these remarkable formulas can streamline the progress and ensure an efficient and profound transformation that is perfect for you.

Answers, Solutions and Tools of the highest quality and effectiveness!

When you use the Australian Aromatic Essence Energy Block Clearing Tools,

you unlock your innate power to live your full potential.

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