We cater for where ‘YOU ARE AT NOW’ and ‘WHERE YOU WANT
TO BE’.  Choose the best path that suits you.


Beauty or Wellness Therapists

Life or Business Coaches

Body Workers

Yoga, Pilates Teachers or similar

Imagine having access to the most CUTTING EDGE ‘UP TO THE MINUTE’ TECHNIQUES, and TOOLS that can immediately send your business and personal quest soaring.

Imagine being able to INCREASE YOUR INCOME without necessarily having to work more hours? I can show you ‘HOW’ with simple steps to get you there.

Imagine having access to exceptional skills and strategies that effectively ‘FLICK THE SWITCH’ for you to obtain even better RESULTS WITH YOUR WORK and also GENERATE an additional income PLUS have fun doing it.

Imagine learning how you can make the difference between ORDINARY and EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS with your work and your own personal growth.

Imagine gaining extra clients and sales per week organically and picture how this would IMPROVE YOUR INCOME and the level of satisfaction you’d experience.

SO the question is –
Do you feel an unbridled enthusiasm; a greater sense of gratification thinking about all these amazing benefits?
If so, this could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Ask me about the additional earnings via the Affiliate Partner Program


Generate additional revenue streams
that can be IMMEDIATE, RESIDUAL AND PASSIVE on and off-line.

Add more value
to your professional expertise, products and services; so your reputation CONFIDENCE and SATISFACTION excels and business growth soars.

Stand out from your competitors
and offer EXTRA-ORDINARY VALUE without massively increasing work load or overheads.

Facilitate consistent breakthroughs
and TANGIBLE RESULTS for your valued clients.

The one-on-one and one-to-many
sessions can be conducted IN PERSON OR ONLINE.

Enjoy a “competitive edge”
that translates into GREATER FLOW OF PROFITS.

Provide a “memorable point of difference”
and REAP THE REWARDS this offers.

Equip yourself with skills and knowledge
that gives holistic results and INTEGRATES with what you’re already doing or alternatively utilise as a STAND-ALONE service.

Embody a greater sense
of PURPOSE AND FULFILMENT personally and professionally.

your own personal development and wellness regime with LESS TIME, EFFORT and EXPENSE.

Increase profits
without working more hours.

Offer an easy and effective client self-care program
in-between appointments to ENHANCE RESULTS.

There is no limit to your client base
, it can be LOCAL or GLOBAL whatever suits you and how much you would like to earn.

You can also include the added value of DIY Tools
that are designed to match the services you offer; THEY FIT INTO WHATEVER MIX you choose beautifully.

These consumable DIY Tools provide a lucrative income stream

The “WORD OF MOUTH” referrals increase
due to your clients’ FEELING and EXPERIENCING the tangible results.

Boost your own and your staffs’

Awesome back up and support for you to –

Be able to facilitate your own business & personal breakthroughs
and remain in a consistent state of PROSPERITY AND FLOW.

Be sought after; experience un-paralleled
BUOYANT RESILIENCE in your profession.

Offer unsurpassed wellbeing and personal growth results
that MAGNETICALLY ATTRACT what you desire in business and for your life generally.

Life & Business Elevation Specialist

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Location: Box Hill, Surrey Hills & Frankston, Victoria, Australia

Consultations: Zoom – Telephone & In-person

Programs: Virtual Interactive & In-person

Website: www.anewyou.com.au