Courage is a big word that covers a lot of ground especially in today’s world.

These days Courage is a much needed attribute that influences how you discern, make decisions and manage your daily life around relationships, career and especially in your finances and health.

There are so many options and possibilities available to you which doesn’t make it easy to settle into what’s actually right for you or for you to be grounded and possess the wherewithal of the exact action to take and then do it.

This’s where that good old “procrastination” kicks in and so often sabotages your best insights and opportunities to come to fruition  Ugh!   

Often emphasising choosing to be “vulnerable” is what’s recommended in this day and age when dealing with fear and insecurity.  This can in some instances assist you to deal with a lack of courage. However, in most situations I’ve discovered from my 30 odd years of professional experience facilitating 100s of clients, I prefer emphasising the need for the attribute of “Authenticity” for decisive action.

Firstly, being real and taking ownership of the reality of what’s happening empowers you to take stock and make better decisions because you’ve positioned yourself into an “Authentic” perspective and this opens you up to “see the forest for the trees” rather than being in a state of confusion or trepidation.

Being in a place of Authenticity equips you to not have to BE more than what you are but rather BE fully what you already are at your core, and when you do that, you’ll discover that’s more than enough to reset and reignite your “Will” – that’s right your Mindset and Heartset can be aligned and you can get on with what works so you progress with conviction and build momentum.

Here’s 4 simple tips to build and integrate “Authenticity” so you discern wisely the “when” and “how” for tapping into your innate courage at your core. NOTE: It’s not always necessary to know the “why” –


Do some things that scare you a little – nothing too big where you’ll cop out or be a nervous wreck.  For example, if public speaking is a fear (which is very common) maybe you could begin with an audience of 1 or 2 people that you know well and you’re comfortable with, then progress to a couple of people you don’t’ and from there to a few more people so you gradually increase your confidence without terrifying yourself into non action.

You’ll have the opportunity to receive constructive feedback while also being able to assess yourself at the same time and therefore fine-tune by focusing more on what you’re offering and the difference you want to make rather than the actual speaking part where you’re prone to be more self-conscious.

This strategy can also be utilised in other situations where you lack courage.  It’s about starting small with something that’s doable and build from there.

TIP 2 

Get used to being “Authentic” in unfamiliar situations.  For example, in a meeting that requires a measure of restraint and professionalism you can still demonstrate authenticity by your communication and presence at the meeting.

Speaking authentically in context without becoming overwhelmed with what others’ think of you is key.

The answer is to focus on the topic or task you’re involved in.  Your whole intent needs to shift into genuinely wanting to make a positive difference to others in the meeting and the project being covered.  It’s important to not allow self-consciousness (ie ego) to get in the way.

This strategy can be followed in other areas where you lack courage.  It’s about focusing on what difference you can make with what value you can add.  In other words, don’t make it about you but rather the cause at hand.

A helpful affirmation is – 

I’m glad that I’m here

I’m glad that you’re here

I care about you


Another tip is to help someone else with facing their fears and give them the support and insight of what they can do and then take what you recommend on for yourself.  Generally, we know what we need or should do it’s just getting out of our own way and not allow self-imposed limitations to override our courageous self.

Therefore, your intent should be to help another in a similar predicament which diverts your attention away from your lack of courage and you begin to take on what you’ve communicated to them and even gain insight from the very recommendations you’ve given them.

You may also learn from what they’re feeling and utilise that knowledge to assist you addressing these issues in yourself where applicable.

This can quite effortlessly be the catalyst that triggers you toward decisive action.


Lastly reflect on where you’ve been brave in the past (or if need be, choose someone you respect who has demonstrated courage taking action) in challenging situations.  Explore what you were feeling and what got you over the line to have the courage to take the action necessary?  What was the driver?

Because you’ve already done something that took courage, you have evidence of your ability and proof that you can do it and it worked out ok.  The provides a very effective mindset shift that can instil sincere motivation and decisive action.

If for some reason the past example it didn’t work out ok in your eyes the key is to explore more deeply about why that was and “authentically” tell yourself the truth about what you need to do for a different outcome.

This ensures you instil wisdom into the situation and gives you the knowledge for critical thinking regarding how to be decisive and take action for a better result. Then you can be reassured to take the right steps because of what you’ve learnt.

When you’d like to accelerate your transformation process, I recommend you utilise the potent ability of the Courage Mastery Essence. This is an effective DIY Wellness Tool that’ll assist you to develop a “Courageous Heart” and increase your “Courage Bank Account” by  working with your Bio-Energy System. 

This formula is full of life giving natural organic ingredients that are all finely tuned and synergistically blended to elevate your awareness.  As you explore the relevant attributes you’ll expand into developing a centred and grounded perspective, resilience builds, and you’re better equipped to delve deeper into accessing and clearing the blockages that stop you being proactive, decisive and taking action with gusto!


When you’re in need of unwavering follow through, and you’re keen to accelerate by building momentum, the Activation Kit Procrastination to Decisive Action would be an excellent tool for you.

By reaping the many benefits of this DIY multifaceted approach using the Procrastination to Decisive Action Kit, you’ll be well positioned to effectively address the core undercurrents that are prone to stifling your innate expansive and unlimited disposition.

You’ll embody a tangible internal affirmative shift around addressing what you’re unsure of (eg, lack of clarity, self-doubt, fear or trepidation) and especially what causes you to get stuck or sidetracked.

This insightful process acts as a catalyst to strengthen a self-assured emotive-state where you’re comfortable with being uncomfortable out of your “comfort zone” and you’re equipped to address your emotions and feelings effectively, so the cycle of non-action resolves and you no longer get in your own way.

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