Is it time to allow your inventive side or your uniqueness to shine through and flourish?

Is there a new or past project you’d like to undertake and progress with?

Or…Maybe you’d benefit from connecting with different people or groups of people?  If you’re in business these may be aligned networks that would be interested in or informed about your project or idea?

Often, we don’t do this because we get lost in life’s distractions which can be created by who we allow to impose a negative influence on us and adversely affect our inner resources and we end up with nothing left in our tank to pursue our own interests and innovations.

One thing for sure is, the absolute strategy for not being a victim to “Energy Theft” is to explore and build on your Sovereign Self and identity. 

And the best place to start is to connect to yourself and with your relationship with your Creator first and foremost. Then you’re more empowered to enjoy your liaisons with others in rewarding and upgraded ways.

What I mean by that is, it’s important you’re present in each moment and with each interaction and to allow what needs to unfold and notice the insights, the wins and learnings without one – getting distracted or two – too locked in by fostering an expanded detached attitude.

Allow space for them to integrate or if need be, cast what’s not relevant aside so you remain crystal clear with your vision and what ultimately motivates you towards that.  This allows you to own where you’re at in the moment and remain focused on following through with your individual quest.

Ask…“what do I need to hang onto and what do I let go of?” and do this consciously with intention so you make a decision to remain on track living your personal journey towards your destiny.

This empowers you to embody your identity within the group dynamic which organically creates a positive and meaningful experience for all concerned as each step unfolds.

However, one of the biggest obstacles that you can encounter are people who manipulate or drain your energy as they’ll be a destructive influence (sometimes without you or them realising) on you achieving your goals and before you know it you’ve lost your way and end up losing sight of your own needs and individuality, and ultimately your bigger picture coming to fruition.

Here’s 8 tips around how to ensure you always remain present and heart-centred yet “detached” so you don’t get drawn into their drama or manoeuvres no matter how distracting or convincing.

NOTE: In all below suggestions you must fill your heart with love and genuinely desire truth, so you remain heart-centred during the interaction.  Which of course can be tricky because it’s counter intuitive when you’re doing some of them. 

1. Avoid adding your opinion and respond with “hmmm” or “uh uh” or in certain situations a shrug so the conversation is short.

2. Where possible don’t allow eye contact when you want to avoid the person altogether. However, if that’s not possible and you’re in conversation, energetically distance yourself from them while still remaining heart-centered.

Listen to what they’re saying without taking it on as yours to deal with, fix or be part of. You can also utilise this technique in a phone conversation and this will still be effective.

3. Another option is to change the subject and focus on something more positive, enjoyable or lighter.

4. Where possible keep your interactions with them short and avoid them completely when you can.

5. Keep your answers to questions brief example “yes”, “no” or “ok” or something similar

6. Under no circumstances diminish yourself in the conversation or not be truthful. Remain empowered and aligned to your own values and integrity. You don’t necessarily have to communicate what they are – this will depend on the circumstances and may be appropriate but not always.  

Be aware of your needs while dealing with the situation at hand and embody your them no matter what the Energy Drainer says or does.

7. If the Energy Drainer isn’t someone that has to be in your life, diplomatically remove them by being unavailable wherever you can and completely if that’s possible.

8. Meditate and journal regularly to keep your personal energy, focus and elevated on what’s important and where your next step is living your life path and vision.

Unfortunately, Energy Drainers come in all sorts of guises, and at times they can even be people who are close to you such as friends and family or in some instances, they’re located in your workplace so they’re not always that easy to avoid completely.  But when you can – do so!

These simple techniques assist you to ground your energy within interactions and this helps you to not be consumed by the other person’s comments and dramas.  When they’re not able to drain “Your Energy” they’ll move on.

I noticed it wasn’t that easy for me to suggest these tips because they’re so removed from good communication skills that I would normally recommend. However, when an Energy Thief is doing their thing, you need to be resourceful to counteract the affect immediately

If not, you can pay the price way beyond the actual interaction and be left picking up the pieces for days or weeks trying to recoup your energy.  Whether that be mindset, emotionally, physically or spiritually the adverse effect can hinder or delay your own journey in whatever capacity at the time.

I’m aware these tips can seem negative and not that “connected” or “engaged.” However, once you’re discerning on what and who is aligned with your journey these types of adverse situations and people will be few and far between.

If they appear you’ll have skills that’ll master the “Art of Detachment” and nip it in the bud without you being on the receiving end of the fall out that can occur when you don’t.  The important distinction to remember is remaining heart-centered and desiring truth.

These types of interactions can sneak up on you (Energy Drainers can easily be friends, family even your kids).  Yes, that can be the case, so the more skilled you’re at dealing with them the greater your connection and engagement when appropriate as well as less drama and fall out when it’s not helpful for either of you.

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