Is Your Life An Emotional Roller Coaster? Or Do You Neglect Your Self Care Needs When Looking After Others?

Does what you tell yourself make you feel unnecessarily vulnerable or overly sensitive or possibly insensitive to others which causes all sorts of fallout in your relationships? 

Do you struggle with looking after yourself physically and emotionally as a whole package?   

Do you take care of yourself by eating well, massages, exercise, holidays, etc, however, you don’t nurture your emotional “Being” (ie, emotional self when doing these) which translates into lacking consistent wellbeing? 

If any of these questions are relevant for you, where and how do you start taking practical steps towards organically looking after yourself physically and emotionally with consistency, so you foster a resilient balanced disposition for greater success in all areas of your life.

Your ability to create the success you desire is actually the bi-product from the wisdom you gain from the quality of living with a holistic approach to your life.

By addressing the emotional or physical issues of self-care in synergy, you’re equipped to embody the awareness of what to do to remedy challenges that arise internally or externally (which means accessing your innate wisdom and discernment) as a natural occurrence so your equilibrium is maintained and astute choices fostered on an ongoing basis.  No more emotional “roller coaster rides” or “running on empty” or becoming stuck in negative behaviour patterns.

Here’s 4 Top Tips for you to build your Self-Care Muscle so you live on overflow rather than in deficit –

TIP 1 

Discipline and discern your behaviour rather than criticise or harshly judge yourself – You’ve probably heard the preferred way to discipline a child is to say to them that you “don’t love or accept their poor behaviour but you still love and accept them”.   

The distinction here is acknowledging their behaviour has nothing to do with their intrinsic value and you love and accept them –  it’s their behaviour that’s unacceptable. 

Well, the same can be said for you.  You’re going to “stuff up” – your human!  But that’s when you choose to separate the behaviour from your worth, your self- love and your Sovereign value. 

TIP 2 

Undermining self-talk is all too often the norm – therefore take time to reflect; spend time observing what you tell yourself.  Write it down and journal on that and come up with counter statements or uplifting words that encompass the “real truth” of who you are in your Sovereignty (ie not when you’re allowing yourself to succumb to being or telling yourself less).   

Did you notice when reading above number 2 tip you could feel your shoulders and body relax and let go.  Therefore, by journaling regularly you’ll build your capacity to override a negative and fixed mindset and be well positioned to move towards experiencing ease and flow in your whole Being and life generally.


Develop routines that support your self-care both physically plus emotionally – For example sometimes we’ll go on a walk for our physical wellbeing but the whole time we’re allowing our mind and emotions to run riot.  When this happens, it dilutes the full holistic benefit of the walk. 

Then the fall out from that is you don’t reap the benefits of the effort you’ve made to go for the walk. This further compounds, emotional depletion and the cycle continues all the while you consistently do things that are good for your wellness journey but reap little gain because of the emotional aspects being neglected. 

The other obvious option is of course that you don’t actually go for a walk in the first place which of course has its own depth of repercussions for you emotionally, physically and beyond. 


Micro habits can be built into your lifestyle slowly but surely.  Keep habits and routines simple and very doable and build from there.  As you progress and build momentum, you’ll experience first-hand the many holistic benefits in your health and in relationships.   

You can advance further with committing to Macro Habits and moving towards long-desired goals and aspirations.  You’ll be able to do that well because you’re in synergy with your emotional wisdom and your Self-Nurturing Muscle has been developed with the fundamental Micro Habits you’d consistently committed to initially.

When you’d like to accelerate your transformation process regarding these issues, I recommend you utilise the potent ability of the Nurture Mastery Essence.

This is an effective DIY Wellness Tool that’ll assist you to clear blocks around upgrading your outlook and what you’ve always thought and done into an expanded perspective for greater meaning and fulfillment to prevail organically in your every day by aligning your Bio-Energy System. 

This formula is full of life giving natural organic ingredients that are all finely tuned and synergistically blended to elevate your awareness. As you explore the relevant attributes needed you’ll become aware of what’s holding you back from letting go of conscious or unconscious self-imposed limitations. This builds resilience, and you’re better equipped to delve deeper into accessing and clearing what’s hindering you.


When you’re in need of unwavering follow through, and you’re keen to accelerate by building momentum, the Activation Kit Crabby to Calm and Centred would be an excellent tool for you.

By reaping the many benefits of this DIY multifaceted approach using the Crabby to Calm and Centred Kit, you’ll be well positioned to effectively address the core undercurrents that are prone to stifling your innate expansive and unlimited disposition.

You’ll embody a tangible internal affirmative shift around addressing what you’re unsure of (eg, lack of clarity, self-doubt, fear or trepidation) and especially what causes you to get stuck or sidetracked.

This insightful process acts as a catalyst to strengthen a self-assured emotive-state where you’re comfortable with being uncomfortable out of your “comfort zone” and you’re equipped to address your emotions and feelings effectively, so the cycle of non-action resolves and you no longer get in your own way.

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