Do you need to be more kind to yourself regarding what you tell yourself about you?

Do you possess a harsh or critical disposition in regard to what you do, or who you are?

It’s important to acknowledge that Being critical doesn’t make you or others do better or achieve more. In fact, it can hinder your progress considerably.

When you have a harsh demeanour or a critical attitude you block the free flow of energy internally and externally. Unfortunately, when you’re hard on yourself this usually transfers (ie ripples out) into being hard on others as well.

When you resolve this undermining character trait, people, projects and everyday scenarios fall into place with ease and you’re well positioned to experience genuine satisfaction during your interactions.

If you relate to the above issues, you may notice you’ve a tendency to get into remote control and focus on just ticking boxes without regard to how you’re feeling, what’s going on with you and around you.

You can run with a fixed mindset where you’re out of touch with fostering a sense of wellbeing. Especially when things aren’t going the way you’d like. However, in this situation it’s even more pertinent to be conscious of what you’re doing and Being.

It’s important to realise when this is playing out you adversely impact those around you, and this prevents discovering what would be helpful to make things work better for you or them. It hinders you to be able to leverage your time and resources better.

Below are 3 empowering tips that’ll assist you to build a healthy supportive nature, so you know how to discern wisely and –

• Allow
• Serve and
• Integrate

…While looking after your wellbeing and achieving your goals and aspirations as the norm.

TIP 1 

Utilising time wisely – is an important ingredient to establish ease and flow. Always allow plenty of time for reflection and to consult with your Creator. This’ll equip you to undertake the appropriate due diligence to build awareness and resolve.

Another suggestion to improve this Tip’s effectiveness is to make a pros and cons list for establishing insight and clarity.

As you travel this new-found discerning journey, a knowing place within kicks-in so you can put your best step forward for wise decisions and behaviours to eventuate.

If there’s a deadline to meet or there’s a lot to do it may seem counter intuitive to take this time to follow through as suggested, however in this instance “less haste more speed” is the motto to abide by here.

TIP 2 

Imagination & Meditation – are useful tools. Your soul is made up of your mind, will and emotions and when aligned with your heart there’s a deep recognition established within to know what’s “right”.

Committing time aside each day to meditate is essential. The quality of your meditation is important to consider.

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Also, it’s important to allocate a regular time for fostering reflection, imagination and envisioning with a healthy dose of curiosity thrown in. Doing this builds your “feel good” holding capacity and you’re then equipped to access your “potential” and a multitude of opportunities that await you.

When you expand yourself in this way you’ll no longer need or want to continue just looking at what’s wrong or be focused on lack or how you or others aren’t enough but rather what you can do to create a better “You” and life and do it.

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Back yourself – Once you’ve decided that wise discernment it’s important you need to commit and follow through with gusto while remaining in integrity as you travel your important discerning journey.

Certain obstacles will certainly arise and each time that happens employ the same due diligence and discernment with each step (ie Step 1 and 2) so you’re sure to follow through for optimum outcomes to take place. In other words, don’t drop the ball half-way there!

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Now you may ask how do these 3 Tips assist you to NOT be so critical of yourself or others specifically? 

When you succumb to a nit-picking mentality or sweat on the small stuff and lose sight of the bigger picture (this happens when you’re on auto pilot) you’re making yourself too insular which prevents you receiving and seeing the “potential” bigger picture.  Instead, the harsh judgments and criticisms take over.  Note – the key word here is “potential.”

Once you shift your awareness away from this stifling pattern you embody a greater understanding (blind spots disappear), and you gain discerning wisdom as an overarching way of Being.  This then supports you to function with ease and flow and you relax in the “knowing state” you’ve built without getting bogged down with the small “stuff”.

You’re then able to effectively prioritise quite naturally which includes addressing your wellness needs on a consistent basis which further enhances your performance and outcomes.

When you’d like to accelerate your transformation process regarding these issues, I recommend you utilise the potent ability of the Discernment Mastery Essence.

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This formula is full of life giving natural organic ingredients that are all finely tuned and synergistically blended to elevate your awareness. As you explore the relevant attributes needed you’ll become aware of what’s holding you back from letting go of conscious or unconscious self-imposed limitations. This builds resilience, and you’re better equipped to delve deeper into accessing and clearing what’s hindering you.


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By reaping the many benefits of this DIY multifaceted approach using the Overwhelm to Momentum Kit, you’ll be well positioned to effectively address the core undercurrents that are prone to stifling your innate expansive and unlimited disposition.

You’ll embody a tangible internal affirmative shift around addressing what you’re unsure of (eg, lack of clarity, self-doubt, fear or trepidation) and especially what causes you to get stuck or sidetracked.

This insightful process acts as a catalyst to strengthen a self-assured emotive-state where you’re comfortable with being uncomfortable out of your “comfort zone” and you’re equipped to address your emotions and feelings effectively, so the cycle of non-action resolves and you no longer get in your own way.

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