Does a lack of worthiness hold you back from creating your true heart’s desires, whether that’s material, emotional or spiritual?

Often through life experience, you can develop conscious and unconscious beliefs about what you deserve or what you’re able to have or create.  

This plays out automatically without realising what’s causing your inability to effortlessly manifest abundance in all aspects of your life.   

The key is to be worthy open and receptive to receiving and enjoying more of the good things that life has to offer. If you’re not confident in your ability to attract free flowing abundance consistently you’ll need to take a supportive approach toward shifting what you’d like for that to change.   

If you already have material abundance (which is relative for each individual) you would therefore want to feel worthy and capable of manifesting your true deep core values for a healthy robust relationship with -   

  • FAMILY  
  • WORK etc   

…so you naturally give and receive love and abundance without fear, ego struggle or guilt overtaking you. 

Here are 3 Top Tips to get on track for an elevated prosperous consciousness to unfold as a natural occurrence. Oh! And they don’t cost a thing except your focus and intention –

Top Tip 1 

What you focus on you attract!: The absolute bottom line is to always embody genuine gratitude for what you already have.  Even if things are a struggle at the time, there’ll be many things to be thankful for and it’s absolutely appropriate and correct to do so.   

This builds a strong foundation to build from.  If your focus is on what you don’t have, you tend to attract more of that.  So be mindful from this point on to always feel, Be, speak and demonstrate gratitude. 

A “Gratitude Journal” is an invaluable tool to use each evening or morning. You write a minimum of 5 things you’re grateful for in your life.  They can vary from psychophysical to material.  Whatever you’re drawn to giving thanks for you enter into your “Gratitude Journal”.   

It’s a good idea to have a diary or journal dedicated just for this reason – separate from any other diaries or journals you may have. 

Top Tip 2 

Be a cheerful giver – A generous heartset and mindset builds your capacity to receive more.  You’re literally a walking talking abundance magnet when you do this.  Because of your overflowing generosity, you can’t not be a magnet to attract more. 

People are drawn to your supportive and giving vibe.  Your prosperity capacity increases because of what you’re embodying and demonstrating as part of your every-day life.  You’re literally walking your talk and this attracts more of the same.  Remember to give to those who are not in a position to return the favour.  This ensures you don’t have an agenda and you’re truly giving from a sincere heart. 

Generosity comes in all sorts of guises not just financial.  So be innovative in your approach.  What do you have within you that you can make a difference to others with.  You can give your time (this is a valuable commodity) and other resources you have within you or that you have access to that may not be money but are all valid for those you can make a difference to.   

As momentum is gained when your innate giving nature is being expressed,  you’ll witness how prosperous opportunities in your life become the norm due to the plentiful flow you’ve created.

Top Tip 3 

Prosperous Presence – where and with who you spend your time rubs off on you.  You then take-on that vibe on as part of your reality.  Therefore, if people around you live in lack and struggle or negativity it would adversely affect you embodying a “Prosperous Presence” so ensure your mindset remains at a higher capacity for receiving and giving. 

In this instance your “Prosperous Presence” is tainted or diluted.  Instead, be choosy about how and where you spend your most valuable asset – your time.  Be curious and dare to think bigger. Challenge where you’ve locked yourself into a lack or struggle mentality. 

You see everything around you influences and communicates to you and vice versa. This unseen transaction rubs off on you without your realising unless you’re conscious and discern wisely.  It’s like an unseen frequency that seeps into your psych and energy.  

So, set a clear intention to create a healthy prosperous environment from whatever level you’re currently at.  Be creative with what you do with the resources you’ve access to until your abundance stakes grow and increase.

Be persistent and change your habits to reflect abundance.  Don’t mistake this with being frivolous or wasteful.  In fact, being resourceful and wise with prioritising how you spend time and money are all important attributes (but this doesn’t mean being stingy or penny pinching) that will accelerate your progress for your “Prosperous Presence” to prevail.   

You’ll literally ooze a plentiful disposition and the evidence of that state manifests accordingly once your abundant Heartset and Mindset consistently align and integrate as an integral part of your life. 

When you’d like to accelerate your transformation process, I recommend you utilise the potent ability of the Abundance Mastery Essence. This is an effective DIY Wellness Tool that’ll assist you to clear blocks around your worthiness to attract and receive by working with your Bio-Energy System. 

This formula is full of life giving natural organic ingredients that are all finely tuned and synergistically blended to elevate your awareness. As you explore the relevant attributes you’ll become aware of what’s holding you back from receiving with grace and ease, resilience builds, and you’re better equipped to delve deeper into accessing and clearing what’s hindering you.


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You’ll embody a tangible internal affirmative shift around addressing what you’re unsure of (eg, lack of clarity, self-doubt, fear or trepidation) and especially what causes you to get stuck or sidetracked.

This insightful process acts as a catalyst to strengthen a self-assured emotive-state where you’re comfortable with being uncomfortable out of your “comfort zone” and you’re equipped to address your emotions and feelings effectively, so the cycle of non-action resolves and you no longer get in your own way.

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